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Pet Shop Boys-Survivors  
1999-2000 for Pet Shop Boys london UK
Like no other musical group in the world Pet Shop Boys in their music, video and performances close to our vision of digital art.
They developed several generations of visual concepts with involvement of computer graphic.
We always consider CG not only as a tool for traditional applications (cartoon, design etc.) but also as a self-sufficient subject of art.
This makes Pet Shop Boys`s visual background so attractive for us. This is why we were so exited to meet them for the first time in St Petersburg, Russia in the summer of 1997. We presented some of our computer graphic experiments as well as some samples of our commercial products.
We also verbally described them the idea for their clip. They seemed to like it (especially Chris). At the end of 1997 we started to work on �Survivors� music video. This 4:20 second promotional video was presented to Pet Shop Boys in February, 1998 and after a few corrections, released in May. Based on the same material we also created �Survivors-single� promotional clip for Pet Shop Boys Partnership INC.

The main theme is the image of a "digital man who lives in a romantic world". Because of this idea we turned to Pet Shop Boys - the most romantic and digitally creative artists in today�s music.
An essential technique in the project is the use of rhythmic movement. The basic idea is a smooth transition from a synthetic form to a real one. In the video, digital models of the Pet Shop Boys' faces with all their attributes in 3D representation are transferred to into their real faces. A computer-generated image that is moving in various perspectives forms a likeness transforming into the real person at any moment while always retaining the character's mimicry. This method of digital 3D modeling is essentially our invention.

�Survivors� music video was nominated as Music Video of the year at ANIGRAPH digital arts Festival.

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