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1-12.2003 for CAM systems LLC USA. Eclipse �
Background |
Since 1998 Eclipse has won virtually every competitive installation by Time Warner Cable, AT&T Broadband, Charter Communications, Comcast, and Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc. Today, Eclipse is trafficking cable ads for nearly 30 million households. It has been chosen by all of the largest Multiple System Operators (MSOs), and is the solution in 6 of the top 10 cable ad systems/interconnects in the country.

The Challenge |

Eclipse traffic and billing application - is large and complex multi-user software Environment.
With hundreds of unique screens and a lot of non-standard Usability features, Eclipse system is belt to optimize sophisticated workflow of the cable advertising process. Eclipse provides integration of several departments in one MSO Company.
Design group would need to come up with the solution to improve usability of the product.
Develop UI environment to reflect really complex functionality in a same time new Eclipse would need to intuitive and friendly.
However, Any user interface changes needed to be evolutionary so as not to alienate existing customers while improving the products overall usability. That requires us to get a deep understanding of complex cable industry workflow.
Design department was responsible for Eclipse product identity and advertisement strategy.

Interface framework |

Working closely with development, product management and client relation groups. We research business logic of cable traffic and billing process. Explore a lot of different approaches to UI framework, and finally end up with Unique, robust and flexible design solution. New Eclipse system combined rich look and functionality with easy implementation.

Implementation and support |

We developed multiphase implementation plan as well as
Unique and easy maintaince system for updating and changing graphic UI components.

Product identity and marketing campaign |

In the design group it was our goal to keep both Eclipse marketing and product design development as parts of the same integrated process. Starting with eclipse logo,
original typeface we develop universal style guidelines and business collateral package.
Several magazine adds.
But the most interesting challenge was developing series of advertisement videos, for CAB
Tradeshow (US biggest event in a cable industry) and the interactive version of that video for online rich media presentation.

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