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Chehon TV  
1996-1997 for �Troitsky Bridge� movie studio St-Petersburg
It was a great honor and truly enjoyable experience to work with, a famous master of screen Igor F Maslennicov.
But it was also a big challenge. Task was sounds like: Design of TV series mast visually represents Chehov Novels as a link batwing esthetic of French impressionism and early Art Novo.
After exploring lot of different ideas we finally come to something. That was a
Art Novo typeface composed with hand draw sketches in Toloz lotrek style.
Then we created 3d theater stage where our sketches become a giant decorations.
One touch of our music genius Anton Grizlov brings a right atmosphere.

Design package contains several nominations: Opening, 5sec Short, 10 sec Short, final titles and closing.

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